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Baseless Table Number/Menu Holder

Ideal if you want to stick your holders in with your flowers, in oasis, a bucket of sand or in large items of fruit.

Heart, inverted drop, pointed petals, round, square, swirl, triangle - £1.50 each (silver plated), £2.00 each (gold plated)

Daisy, boat, star, treble clef - £1.90 each (silver plated), £2.40 each (gold plated)

Butterfly, snowflake - £2.50 each (silver plated), £3.00 each (gold plated)

Approximately 14cm tall, designed to hold up to postcard sized card. Thicker Wire (16cm tall) 50p extra to hold A5 sized card.

20cm tall version is 75p extra. 25cm tall version is £1.00 extra.

Standard wire is 1mm diameter, thicker wire is 1.5mm diameter.

Other shapes may be available on request. A bead can also be added at extra cost. Baseless place card holders can be made to match.

BoatButterflyDaisyHeartInverted DropPointed PetalRound
SnowflakeSquareStarSwirlTreble ClefTriangle
Baseless Table Number Holders


Despatch for these table number holders is currently

from receipt of payment. If you need them quicker than this, contact us and we will see if we can help.

This item is made to order
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