Tie and cravat pins in over 30 designs including crystal, imitation pearl, diamante, butterflies, stars, flowers and hearts. Ideal for the groom, best man, fathers and ushers. Most are available as either a stick pin, a pin with clutch or a pin with clutch and chain.

We are now selling our tie & cravat pins via our eBay shop rather than the website. Please contact us if the item you wish to purchase is not yet listed on eBay.

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Pointed Oval Pearl Tie/Cravat Pin
Pearl Centred Double Drop Tie/Cravat Pin
Dainty Pearl Star Flower Tie/Cravat Pin
Asymmetric Pearl Flower Tie/Cravat Pin
14x10mm Oval Pearl Bexel tie Pin
Oval Pearl Bezel Tie Pin
Oval Imitation Pearl Tie Pin
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Round Simulated Pearl Tie Pin
Button Pearl Tie/Cravat Pin
Round Imitation Pearl Tie/Cravat Pin
Pearl Centred Heart Tie/Cravat Pin
Pearl Flower Dome Tie/Cravat Pin
Pearl Flower Dome Tie/Cravat Pin
Oval Simulated Pearl Tie Pin
Hair Accessories
Dotty Dots Tie/Cravat Pin
Dotty Dots Tie/Cravat Pin
Crystal Cube Cravat Pins
Chequerboard Square Tie Pin
Crystal Square Tie Pins
Chequerboard Square Cravat Pin
Crystal Knot Tie/Cravat Pin
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Crystal Tie Pin
Mounted Gemstone Cravat Pins
Diamante Shapes Tie Pins
Pointed Crystal Star Tie Pin
Crystal Encrusted Star Tie/Cravat Pin
Jewelled Star Tie Pin
Crystal Knot Tie/Cravat Pin
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Crystal Faceted Sphere Cravat Pin
Frosted Resin Rose Tie/Cravat Pin
Frosted Resin Rose Tie/Cravat Pin
Resin Rose Tie Pin
Dahlia Tie/Cravat Pin
Dahlia Tie/Cravat Pin
Pansy Cravat Pin
Crystal Butterfly Tie/Cravat Pin
Jewelled Butterfly Tie Pin
Rounded Diamante Flower Tie/Cravat Pin
Veined Butterfly Tie Pin
'Crystal' Square Tie pin
Siam Crystal Tie Pins
4 Petal Flower Tie Pin
Catseye Tie Pin
Imitation Opal Oval Bezel Tie/Cravat Pin
Crystal Tie Pins
Resin Pansy Tie Pin
Mother of Pearl Button Tie Pin
Glass Leaf Tie Pin
Tie Tacks