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Crystal tie and cravat pins made using genuine Swarovski crystals in over 20 colours and in various shapes and sizes. Suitable for the groom, best man, fathers, ushers and page boys, they are available as either a stick pin, a pin with clutch or a pin with clutch and chain in silver or gold plate. All come in a presentation box. Cuff links can be made to match most of the tie pins.

Our collection of non crystal tie and cravat pins can be viewed here.

Clear Crystal Tie Pins
Crystal Square Tie Pins
Chequerboard Cravat Pins
Rose Crystal  Cravat Pin
Fuchsia Crystal  Cravat Pin
Amethyst Crystal Tie Pins
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Clear Crystal Cube Cravat Pins
Faceted Crystal Sphere Cravat Pin
Pointed Crystal Cravat Pin
Crystal AB Tie Pins
Light Amethyst Crystal  Cravat Pins
Jonquil Crystal Tie Pins
Hair Accessories
Blue Crystal Cube Tie Pins
Blue Faceted Sphere Tie Pin
Montana Crystal  Cravat Pin
Blue Zircon Crystal Tie Pins
Emerald Crystal Tie Pins
Peridot Crystal  Cravat Pins
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Vitrail Crystal Cube Tie Pin
Vitrail Faceted Sphere Tie Pin
Topaz Crystal Cravat Pin
Smoked Topaz Crystal Tie Pins
Light Colorado Crystal  Cravat Pin
Aquamarine Crystal Tie Pin
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Chequerboard Cravat Pins
Siam Crystal  Cravat Pins
Light Siam Crystal Tie Pins
Hyacinth Crystal Tie Pin
Sapphire Crystal  Cravat Pin
Light Sapphire Crystal Tie Pin
Jet Crystal Tie Pin
Black Diamond Crystal Tie Pins
Tie Tacks